Personal Injury

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Personal Injury

Our center is equipped and staffed to care for the needs of those injured at home or at work through your own fault, no fault or the fault of a negligent driver or employer or trauma.

We have a network of pain doctors, ENT, Orthopedic, Plastic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Primary Care Doctors, Hand and Eye Doctors and attorneys.

Just let us know how we can help with 

Slip and Fall

Car Accident 



Broken Bones



Even if you are uninsured or undeinsured, we have doctors that are available to help and accept a lien in liu of immediate payment and are often willing to wait until your case is settled for payment for goods and services.

Red Rock Surgery Center is a freestanding, multi-specialty ambulatory surgery center where surgeons perform a broad range of procedures. Founded over 15 years ago and fully licensed by the state of Nevada and the federal Medicare programs and is AAAHC accredited. Red Rock Surgery Center offers a safe, convenient, highly technology, cost effective alternative to inpatient hospitalization.

Today, outpatient surgery in the freestanding setting has become more than accepted; it has grown to be the preferred alternative.  With a more favorable cost structure and greatly reduced risk of hospital acquired infections, you will quickly see why our patients are happy with the outomces achieved by our doctors and the caring atmosphere of our staff