List of ASC Procedures

Common Procedures In Ambulatory Surgery centers

•Podiatry (Foot and ankle surgery)

  1. Limb preservation
  2. Hammer Toe
  3. Bunions
  4. Corns, Calluses
  5. Tarsal Tunnel

•Pain management

  1. Injections
  2. Spinal Cord Stimulators
  3. Peripheral Stimulators
  4. Radio Frequency Ablations

•General Surgery

  1. Gall bladder surgery
  2. Hernias
  3. Lumps/Bumps/Tumors/Cysts/Growths
  4. Gallbladder Surgery


•Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  1. Breast surgery
  2. Burns and scars
  3. Facelifts
  4. Eye LId Lifts
  5. Tummy Tucks
  6. Liposuction
  7. Makeovers

•Hand and wrist and shoulder surgery

•Cancer treatment

•Sexual health and medicine


  1. pacemakers
  2. battery changes
  3. vascular disorders

•Skin disorders


•Gastro intestinal (GI) treatment (not currently offered in our center)

•Blushing, flushing and sweating


•Hair loss treatment

•Hip replacement (not currently offered in our center)

•Colonoscopy and Endoscopy (not currently offered in our center)


•Spinal surgery

•Colorectal surgery


•Sports injury


•Infertility treatment

•Cosmetic surgery

•Knee surgery


•Laser eye surgery

•Laser skin treatment


•Elbow and shoulder surgery

•Men’s health

•Varicose vein treatment



•ENT surgery


•Vasectomy reversal

•Obesity treatment

•Women’s health

•Eye surgery