Our Medical Staff

We have a multidisiplinary staff covering the following specialties

Hand Surgery

Dr. Sorelle

Dr. Hanna


Dr. David Malitz

Dr. Peter DeBry


Plastic Surgery

Dr. Parker

Dr. Fisher

Dr. Jeffery Roth

Pain Management

Dr. Velasquez

Dr. Le

Dr. Cambell

Dr. Rigerolli

Dr. Helmi

Dr. Kozmary

Dr. Sharma’

Dr. Venger



Dr.  Borgia

Dr. Ricciardi



ENT (Head and Neck Surgery)

Dr. Troell

Dr. Khavkin


Dr. Yu

Dr. Menendez


Dr. David Adams

Dr. Albert Khavkin

General Surgery

Dr. Mirkia

Wound Care

Dr. Wu

Dr.  Borgia

Rapid Detoxification

Dr. Yee