Doctor Referral Service

If you are a doctor and are accepting patients, please submit your excess capacity and cash fee schedule.   If  you don’t want to submit your fee schedule, you will be expected to offer your services at 80% of CMS rates.


If you are a patient and seeking services, we can match you with a doctor that takes your insurance or treats uninsured patients.  Please identify the service you are seeking and your contact information and budget.

    What is 2 + 1 ?

    Although many patients have insurance, many ethnic residents of Las Vegas are uninsured or underinsured. With the massive layoffs with Covid Closures, many have been laid off. Naturally in Las Vegas, not only employed and insured patients need health care services, uninsured and underinsured residents are patients as well. Our aim is to bring health care to ALL in the most affordable manner.

    We work closely with primary care doctors and referral sources to provide a very wide range of medically necessary and elective or cosmetic services for the local Las Vegas and Clark County populations. We also, through our medical tourism program, can offer affordable, quality health care to the world.

    Why travel to Mexico or Thailand for health care when these services are available locally? Generally, patients travel to save money. Unfortunately, there are countless examples of services being provided outside of the regulatory environment of the United States resulting in serious complications.

    When it comes to health care, one must balance cost and quality with a priority on quality.

    If you are a doctor or doctor’s office and seeking a surgeon, pain management doctor, general surgery, wound care or eye care for your diabetic or non-diabetic patient, just fill out the form or call 702-227-5848.

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