Pterygium Surgery in Las Vegas
Frequent Quesions…
Pterygium Removal: Are there any restrictions after surgery?
You may not rub your eyes for at least one week to prevent the graft from being displaced.
Pterygium Removal Surgery: Does it take long?
About 15-30 minutes in skilled hands
Pterygium Removal Surgery: Is it painful?
Not really painful as the eye is numbed.  There is some pressure sensation.
I had Lasik done  and now need pterygium surgery, what should I be concerned about? Is it safe?
The surgery is safe but be sure to remind your doctor that you had LASIK.  There is a chance of damaging the flap with the removal of the pterygium.
Pterygium Removal Surgery: Is it safe?
All surgery has risks, but this is very safe in skilled hands especially if the pterygium has never been treated before and the doctor avoids radiation and anti cancer drugs.
Pterygium: What is the best treatment?
The best treatment is prevention!  Sun and wind avoidance and sunglasses.   In the early stages, lubrication and a mild steroid drop can be effective.  When the growth is red, irritated, distorting vision it is time for surgery.   The best treatment is meticulous surgery in a Surgery Center under a microscope with an autograft and glue to secure the graft.  This technique is used virtually exclusively by Dr. David Malitz
Pterygium: Can it come back once it’s treated?
Yes.  The recurrence rate even in skilled hands is about 5{21b0431fad00e2d52286bf0b881c6d37587d253b7b85dcc114e670bd522154fd}.  Without attention to detail or older techniques the rate can be over 50{21b0431fad00e2d52286bf0b881c6d37587d253b7b85dcc114e670bd522154fd}!
Pterygium Removal Surgery: How is it performed?
It is performed under s microscope typically with eye drops to numb the eye.  A small injection of local anesthetic is placed in the head of the pterygium andn the growth is marked and stripped from the eye.  The conea is polished and smoothed and a graft is harvested from the top of the eye and glued in position.  A patch is applied for 24 hours.
Can a pterygium cause blindness?
Yes.  The growth can grow over the pupil and cause temporary or permanent loss of vision.
Pterygium Treatment: What are the signs and symptoms?
Redness, irritation
When I put eye drops in my eyes I see very very well. Especially in the left eye. What can I make of this? You may have dry eyes.